Fishery Industry

Flake Ice Machine

To chill large quantities of fish.
– Efficient refrigeration – ice temperature approx. -7 °C & -0.5 °C
– Scale Ice Type (1.5- 2 mm) and Chip Ice Type (5 mm)
– Dry-frozen flake ice – easy flowing

Block Ice Plant or Block Ice Containerized Type

Special structure of evaporator coil can avoid frequent replacement resulted from corruption. The shortest time of equipment  installation and commisioning lowers the cost and risk. Easy to move and realible.

Freezer Equipment

We provide Spiral Freezer, Fluidized Freezer [IQF], Contact Plate Freezer [CPF] with excellent performance, high efficiency products which meet HACCP food hygine requirements and can save production cost as much as possible for our clients.

Air Blast Freezer

ABF for freeze the fish with rapidly method. Frozen fish is use widely in industrial fisheries to facilitate production and in retail shops and allows consumers to get fresh fish at any time of day.
– Room Temperature -35 °C
– Operation time : 6 hours/shift
– Food Grade Food Panels