Industrial, Saving Energy & Special Purposed Refrigeration   System Design

We offer a full bespoke design service to suit your every need, weather its comfort cooling, close control, Cold storage or remote display case system. Based on client’s need, UR shall make the specific detail design and the working schedule of the completed project. UR realizes that every client has a specific requirements and needs according to their specific condition.


For the client who used the Refrigeration system at the first time, UR also provides the Consultation to guide the client up to the level where the client will have enough knowledge to choose the optimum refrigeration system which will help the client to produce the highest product standard according the international standard to compete at the global market.

Business Costing Analysis
UR has a responsibility to help the client to reach the goal market and benefit, so we calculate and analyze the client’s business costing.

Strategic Preventive Maintenance & Repair Program
To ensure your refrigeration equipment stays working to its best ability; we recommend programmed strategic preventative maintenance. Which includes amongst other things, condenser / evaporator clean & refrigerant leak check. Our maintenance department will offer a package that is best suited for your needs & our team of maintenance engineers will carry out the works at the programmed intervals.

After Sales Service
We have a dedicated service department that will maintain your Refrigeration equipment to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible. Our team offer a 24 hour a day call out.

We offer a comprehensive range of refrigeration equipment. Our product lines include the Major manufacturers of Refrigeration equipment, thus ensuring that we can meet all of your requirements..

We can select equipment from a wide variety of products and systems from some of the world top manufacturers. To carry out these tasks, we have a dedicated & professional team of qualified installation engineers. Weather your project is a new build or a refurbishment project we will plan & co ordinate a trouble free installation, minimizing the interruption to your normal trading activity

Project Management

From design through to completion we can offer a full project management service ensuring your project is delivered within scope on Budget & on time
Build and Testing Commissioning Refrigeration

After all the systems have been set up, the next important thing is to set every parameter in the system matched with the International Refrigeration Standard. This is the only way to achieve the standard life time of the system at the beginning.
Special Purposes Training Class UR is very concerned for the know how to operate the Refrigeration system that has a fundamental play role when we are talking of the life time of the Refrigeration System. Other is the daily simple maintenance of the system surround the operator.

Enhance the Refrigerated based Professional Association to implement the International Refrigeration Standard through several necessary activities together with Government, Educational Institutions, Users and Other Refrigeration Companies.

We have the Research and Development team for help to learn about how things work. Research involves planned studies designed to answer questions about the new design, new system, advance the products, and enlarge the market.