Ice Machine

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Ice Machine

An ice machine or icemaker may refer to either a consumer device for making ice, found inside a home freezer; a stand-alone appliance for making ice, or an industrial machine for making ice on a large scale.

An ice machine, however, particularly if described as ‘packaged’, would typically be a complete machine including refrigeration and controls, requiring only connection to utilities. Our product  include the evaporator and any associated drives/controls/subframe that are directly involved with making and ejecting the ice into storage.


I. Ice Machine

>> Flake Ice Machine – Scale Ice Type

Ice Flake Machine

Flake Ice Machine – Scale Ice

scale ice

Scale Ice

We are committed to providing the best product for comfortable business. At present we lead the world in flake ice machine technology with water inlet temperature at 27,5 ºC in Indonesia.

– Scale ice has ice tempearture of -8 °C and thickness 1.5 – 2mm
– Ambient temperature 35 °C
– Refrigerant R404a
– It can be stored below zero in freezers for extended periods

Application Field

– Supermarkets, hotels, etc
– Slaughtering industry
– Fishery cooling and packing
– Food processing
– Fresh preservation for fruit, vegetable, etc
– Pharmaceutical application
– Aquatic product processing


We have several types for your requirement :

– Commercial Flake Ice Machine
– Evaporator Unit of Flake Ice Machine
– Evaporator Sea Water

Operating Method

The evaporator of the flake ice machine – scale ice is a vertically placed drum-shape stainless steel container, equipped with the rotating blade which spins and scratches the ice of the inner wall of evaporative. When operating, the principal shaft and blade spins anti-clockwise pushed by the reducer. Water is sprayed down from the sprinkler; ice is formed from the water  on the inner wall.

The ice then falls through the open bottom of the drum
into an ice store or container placed for that purpose. To ensure the ice releases cleanly from the freezing
surface, it must be cold and hard enough, this means the ice must be cooled down to at least -7°C.

>> Chip Ice Type

Flake Ice Machine ZIEGRA

Flake Ice Machine ZIEGRA

Chip Ice United Refrigeration

Chip Ice

Chip ice has an ideal ice temperature of -0.5°C and does not freeze together.
– different sizes of ice: macro, standard and micro
– for fast and long-term cooling
– the goods do not freeze or become damaged
– the ice does not freeze together or form lumps
– for day-long storage
– with high cooling capacity and energy efficiency
– Chip ice is hygienic due to its closed water system
– the static evaporator avoids refrigerant leaks
– the robust design makes the machines extremely reliable

Types & Application Field

Chip Ice Types United Refrigeration

Type of Chip Ice

Micro ice
consists of small pieces of ice with an average size of approx. 5mm. It guarantees good mixing as well as fast dissolving and cooling. Best suitable for mixing processes and sensitive goods such as fish filets.

Standard ice
The mix of small and large ice pieces guarantees a high cooling capacity and good durability – ideal for cutting and process cooling.

Macro ice
Pieces of ice which are up to 9.5mm thick. Macro ice is particularly durable, can be stored for long periods of time and provides excellent long-term cooling, e.g. for fish transport and goods displays.


II. Tube Ice Maker

Tube Ice Machine

Tube Ice Maker

Tube Ice United Refrigeration

Tube Ice


These ice machines work with R-404a. The ice is produced inside steel tubes with great water circulation what allows obtaining of crystalline ice in Tube with diameter, which will be 20mm, 25mm or 32mm and approximate length of 25/32mm.

China Icepower can also be supplied mounted on a base frame, with proper insulation.